3 QUESTIONS A… TV interview

Here’s the link to my TV interview (in French) for the channel ATV in Martinique about my activities during the Zobel Centenary!

The programme is called “3 QUESTIONS A”, although the presenter Jean-Marc Pulvar definitely asked more than 3 questions…

This was my first TV interview and everything happened very quickly. I had no idea what line of enquiry Jean-Marc would take – after a quick sound check, the cameras began to roll and the questions started to flow!

I had watched the programme before – it runs as a segment during the evening news and is one of the best-known daily programmes on Martinican TV. The strapline is “les hommes et les femmes qui font l’actualité de la Martinique” – the men and women who are making the news in Martinique – so I am honoured to be counted as someone who is shaping the Martinican news!

p.s. J’ai réussi à dire un petit bonjour aux lycéens du Lycée Joseph Zobel 🙂

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