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September Round-Up

Zobel Project is back from its two-week summer break!

I’ve been doing lots of writing and planning over the past week, since my return from vacation.

One key activity was meeting with my colleagues to discuss my work over the last year.

I have produced a photo narrative of my collaborative endeavours in Paris and Martinique – so to ease us in to ‘la rentrée’, here is the first set of images, from the Paris Salon du Livre (Paris Book Fair).


This was part of my collaboration with the fantastic ‘Passions partagées’ Joseph Zobel network based in Paris which is coordinated by the inspirational Patricia Thiéry, who you can see in action at the Salon du Livre in the photo (right).

The network has the support of several French Ministries: the Ministry for France Overseas, the Ministry for National Education and the Ministry for Culture and Communiation.

It was an absolute honour to be asked to speak as part of the network, to bring an Anglophone and international perspective to the French understanding of Zobel’s legacy.

You can follow the network’s activities here: 

The Paris Book Fair (March 2015)…


Me speaking at the Round Table on Zobel at the Paris Book Fair…

Salon du Livre Louise Table ronde

… with George Pau-Langevin, Minister for France Overseas, in the audience!

George-Pau Langevin in our audience

Last but not least, discussing the project with Jenny Zobel, Yves Chemla and Charlotte Zobel.