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Thoughts on my new book – Joseph Zobel: Négritude & the Novel

I’m delighted to dip back into this blog today, as my book is published and out with Liverpool University Press! Here it is:

book cover online


The book is the fruit of:

  •  many years of research in archives across the world
  • several talks, conference papers and seminar presentations in Europe, the Caribbean and the USA
  • many, many hours typing away at my desk!

I met a great number of inspirational people along the way who are very passionate about Zobel and his literature. Many of them can be found across the pages of this blog! I’m also hugely grateful to the Zobel family for allowing me to use the fantastic image of Joseph on the cover.

As my book finds its way out into the wider world, I am looking forward to seeing how the fresh perspectives that I offer on this canonical author will lead to new debates and discussions about Zobel and the Négritude movement…

You can read the official write-up on the Liverpool University Press publisher’s page here.

The publication has also given me a great reason to log back in to the blog!

Right now, I’m mainly concentrating on other projects, as I explained in my previous post. But I’ll continue to update things here every now and again.

Bonne lecture!