08 Media links

I have been invited to discuss my work for the British, French and Caribbean media, in English and French, and you will find links to video and newspaper articles here, as well as links to other media material.

If you use these materials as teaching resources, or would like to discuss how this might be possible, please do get in touch

Don’t forget the project’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/zobelproject

2015 The Guardian Higher Education Network: ‘My Indiana Jones Moment’ – article on surprising discoveries which link Zobel to the British Library in London.

2015 Daily Martinique Evening News programme ‘3 Questions à…’ – interview with Louise Hardwick on Joseph Zobel centenary  impact activities (under 10 minutes, in French)

2015 Panelist on weekly Martinican Literature programme ‘Plumes d’ici: Le Mag littéraire’ for a special programme on Joseph Zobel broadcast on ZoukTV (sadly no link is available yet – the panel is shown in the image above)

2015 Radio France Outre-mer: interview on Joseph Zobel centenary

2013, 2015 France-Antilles newspaper interviews (1) on Joseph Zobel centenary, 2015; (2) on research activities, 2013

2010 Maryse Condé guest lecture at the University of Birmingham. Hear Maryse discuss her career as an author (in French, divided into 4 sections of 10 minutes each).