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Back from USA… encore un ti bo!

I am back, and am writing, writing, writing!

So in the meantime, why don’t I share another interpretation of the song Ba Moin en ti Bo by La Compagnie Créole, which has a distinctly 1980s feel! It’s interesting to compare it with the version which my Martinican colleague shared with me (see my previous post!).

The song and video certainly brought a smile to my face after a long editing session! Now it’s back to writing my book…

New page launched: media links

I’ve been spring cleaning the blog, and have now created a new page: 08 Media links.

This page draws together my media work over the past few years.

I have been invited to discuss my work for the British, French and Caribbean media, in English and French, and you will find links to video and newspaper articles here, as well as links to other media material.

If you use these materials as teaching resources, or would like to discuss how this might be possible, please do get in touch

Don’t forget the project’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/zobelproject

Transnationalizing Modern Languages

Last week, I attended an event held at the British Academy in London which addressed many of the challenges facing Modern Languages as a discipline, and which proposed innovative responses to these challenges.

The event was structured around the following questions:

  • How do Modern Languages promote cultural as well as linguistic competences that are vital in an increasingly globalized world?
  • How do University curricula articulate with the range of subjects that students study in schools?
  • How do they encourage a nuanced and inclusive understanding of notions of translation within multicultural spaces and societies?
  • How do they enable students to compete and meet the demands of a changing workplace?

Put simply, to quote Prof. Charles Burdett (Bristol), how do Modern Linguists – researchers and students – articulate what Modern Languages study is?

This blog is one small part of responding to that challenge, as it aims to present the various strands that go into ML research activities – from queuing for hours to get into a Parisian library with a one-in, one-out policy (see Jan 2015 posts) to being interviewed on the Martinican evening news (see this post).

006 me on atv

The large project, ‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages’ (TML), on which Prof. Burdett is a PI, is part of the AHRC’s ‘Translating Cultures’ initiative, and aims “to provide a model that allows Modern Languages to be construed and practised not as the inquiry into separate national traditions, but as the study of cultures and their interactions.”

This prompted me to reflect on my own research practice, and how it has evolved during my current AHRC Fellowship to integrate processes of consultation and the co-production of knowledge with wider communities in Martinique, Paris and the UK… As I’ve said before on this blog, no researcher is an island, and the photo memories below certainly reflect this!

September Round-Up

Zobel Project is back from its two-week summer break!

I’ve been doing lots of writing and planning over the past week, since my return from vacation.

One key activity was meeting with my colleagues to discuss my work over the last year.

I have produced a photo narrative of my collaborative endeavours in Paris and Martinique – so to ease us in to ‘la rentrée’, here is the first set of images, from the Paris Salon du Livre (Paris Book Fair).


This was part of my collaboration with the fantastic ‘Passions partagées’ Joseph Zobel network based in Paris which is coordinated by the inspirational Patricia Thiéry, who you can see in action at the Salon du Livre in the photo (right).

The network has the support of several French Ministries: the Ministry for France Overseas, the Ministry for National Education and the Ministry for Culture and Communiation.

It was an absolute honour to be asked to speak as part of the network, to bring an Anglophone and international perspective to the French understanding of Zobel’s legacy.

You can follow the network’s activities here: http://www.exposition-joseph-zobel.fr/ 

The Paris Book Fair (March 2015)…


Me speaking at the Round Table on Zobel at the Paris Book Fair…

Salon du Livre Louise Table ronde

… with George Pau-Langevin, Minister for France Overseas, in the audience!

George-Pau Langevin in our audience

Last but not least, discussing the project with Jenny Zobel, Yves Chemla and Charlotte Zobel.


Black History Month – October 2014

In the UK, it’s currently Black History Month. The University of Birmingham is running a series of events to celebrate Black History Month, including film screenings and even a Caribbean menu in the student canteen. For more, see:


We’re delighted that http://www.JosephZobel.wordpress.com is also featured in the Black History Month programme, as part of the University of Birmingham’s ongoing commitment to scholarship into black culture,

It’s also an opportune moment to reblog this post on Fieldwork in Martinique, written exactly one year ago, to celebrate Black History Month 2013 at the University of Birmingham: