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Paris Book Fair / Salon du Livre

A quick post this week as I’m preparing to leave for fieldwork in Martinique!

So I’ll share some more photos of the Salon du Livre in Paris – the event welcomes 200 000 visitors per year, and the Martinique Stand had programmed a series of events around Joseph Zobel, in which I was lucky enough to participate! This was a real opportunity to change the public perception of Zobel, in the presence of the French Minister for Overseas, George Pau-Langevin.

Firstly, the official launch of a new graphic novel adaptation of Zobel’s first novel, Diab’-là, by Roland Monpierre:

DSC00038  DSC00098DSC00100

Roland was kind enough to invite me to take part in an interview on the Stand Martinique so that I could discuss the international significance of the novel and his adaptation.

Special thanks go to Patricia Thiery who organised and co-ordinated all of these events and who runs the group “Passions Partagées” – I was honoured to collaborate with them!

Here are other pictures of events at the Salon du Livre with Jenny Zobel, Euzhan Palcy, Lyne-Rose Beuze, Jean-Michel Martial, Jean-Marc Rosier and Julienne Salvat – I will blog on this in more detail when I return from Martinique!

DSC00164 DSC00094 DSC00097 DSC00082DSC00123 DSC00157George-Pau Langevin in our audience